The development of science, one of which is a development of the internet technology is a technology that is widely used because it is easy to connect internet to all internet users worldwide, and is a rapid communication media and information is easy to come by and publish.

In the internet there is a an application that is a necessity for any Internet user is email. Email is a communication tool that is free and quick. Many of the benefits that we get with the internet. But there are a lot of abuse as well as advanced technology, among others, are:

1. Misuse of community functions.

2. A place to disseminate negative issues specific adverse party

3. Misuse by hackers

4. Treatment terror of a community against certain parties

5. Piracy, for example, is a music or movie piracy, etc.

So that we as young people need to make and use the internet as the media and the latest technology in a healthy and well in order to obtain all the benefits to improve our quality.